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Optics Matter – The Impact of the Ripple Effect on Legal Analysis in Antitrust Inquiries in India

This article was originally published on 17th November 2020 in

Kluwer Competition Law Blog

Krithika Ramesh and Payel Chatterjee analyze the ripple effect on legal analysis in anti-trust investigations in India in their recent piece published in Kluwer Competition Law Blog on 17 November.

The series of investigations against big tech worldwide has led to creation of mistrust against the digital giants. Investigations in one jurisdiction leads to opening up pandora’s box and more enquiries in other markets. In our piece titled “Optics Matter: The Impact of the Ripple Effect on Legal Analysis in Anti-Trust Inquiries in India”, we analyse recent cases adjudicated by the Indian regulator, Competition Commission of India and the approach taken by them and argue on the need for a more factual assessment and consideration of other factors while dealing with players in the digital economy.

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Krithika Ramesh & Payel Chatterjee

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