UAE’s eCourts Initiative: Exploring the Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts

THURSDAY, October 19, 2023

04:30 PM to 05:30 PM (IST)



Conventional court systems worldwide grapple with a range of challenges. Overcrowded dockets and delayed hearings are commonplace, often arising from an inaccessible and complex system marred by paperwork. Although monumental strides have been made in recent years to digitise and streamline processes, there's still a long way to go. Protracted litigation times, ineffective case management, and concerns over data privacy compound these problems. Against this backdrop, the advent of eCourts like ADGM Courts presents an innovative shift, promising efficiency, speed and global accessibility.

Join us for an insightful webinar where we delve into Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Courts' profound impact on the digital transformation of justice and legal service. We will shed light on this pioneering institution recognized as the world's first end-to-end eCourts platform. We will explore how applying English common law in ADGM Courts cements the legal certainty vital for international financial centres, and how ADGM Courts' jurisdiction measures up with international arbitration standards. We will also discuss some of the notable cases that have been passed by the ADGM Courts recently and much more.

The insights can have considerable implications for businesses, particularly those operating in the Abu Dhabi region or seeking to expand their footprint in the Middle East. Come, join us to untangle these insights and approach the future of systematic legal transformation.

Flow of the session

04:30 PM to 05:15 PM (IST)

Panel Session

05:15 PM to 05:30 PM (IST)

Audience Q&A

Special Guest:


Senior Legal Counsel

ADGM Courts (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Since 2018, Adam Peters has held the role of Senior Legal Counsel for ADGM Courts. Prior to joining ADGM Courts, Adam spent 15 years in private practice where he specialised in arbitration together with commercial and civil litigation. In his current role, he is actively involved in all aspects of the dispute resolution services available in ADGM which include litigation, arbitration and mediation. He is an internationally accredited mediator and regularly conducts mediations as part of the ADGM Courts’ mediation scheme.


NDA Speakers:


Practice Head – International Disputes Resolution & Investigations

Nishith Desai Associates



Leader, International Disputes Resolution & Investigations

Nishith Desai Associates



Leader, International Disputes Resolution & Investigations

Nishith Desai Associates