About us:

We are an India Centric Global law firm (www.nishithdesai.com) with four offices in India and the only law firm with licence to practice Indian law from our Munich, Singapore, Palo Alto and New York offices. We are a firm of specialists and the go-to firm for companies that want to conduct business in India, navigate its complex business regulations and grow. Over 70% of our clients are foreign multinationals and over 84.5% are repeat clients.

Our reputation is well regarded for handling complex high value transactions and cross border litigation; that prestige extends to engaging and mentoring the start-up community that we passionately support and encourage (see Annexure A). We also enjoy global recognition for our research with an ability to anticipate and address challenges from a strategic, legal and tax perspective in an integrated way (see page 8 of Annexure B). In fact, the framework and standards for the Asset Management industry within India was pioneered by us in the early 1990s, and we continue remain respected industry experts.

We are a research based law firm and have just set up a first-of-its kind IOT-driven Blue Sky Thinking & Research Campus named Imaginarium AliGunjan (see Annexure C), near Mumbai, India, dedicated to exploring the future of law & society. We are consistently ranked at the top as Asia’s most innovative law practice by Financial Times (see Annexure D and Annexure E). NDA is renowned for its advanced predictive legal practice and constantly conducts original research into emerging areas of the law such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Designer Babies, Flying Cars, Autonomous vehicles, IOT, AI & Robotics, Medical Devices, Genetic Engineering amongst others (see Annexure F). We enjoy high credibility in respect of our independent research and assist number of ministries in their policy and regulatory work.

The safety and security of our client’s information and confidentiality is of paramount importance to us. To this end, we are hugely invested in the latest security systems and technology of military grade (see Annexure G). We are a socially conscious law firm and do extensive probono and public policy work. We have significant diversity with female employees in the range of about 49% and many in leadership positions.