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    upcoming event
    September 24, 2018
    IPBA Singapore 2019 - Mumbai Meet

    upcoming event
    September 25, 2018
    Europe India Business Summit 2018
    Indian companies in Europe
    Brussels, Belgium

    upcoming event
    September 27, 2018
    Taxing the Digital Economy: Intersection between international tax, morality, privacy and economics
    Conference Room, Ground Floor, R&T Building, NIPFP

    upcoming event
    September 28, 2018–September 29, 2018
    COMBAR Roundtable Conference
    Mumbai (Taj Mahal Palace)

    upcoming event
    September 28, 2018
    IAF (Indian Arbitration Forum)

    upcoming event
    October 01, 2018
    DLD Singapore

    upcoming event
    October 06, 2018
    SIAC Academy Mumbai 2018
    Theory and Practice of Emergency Arbitration –from Arbitration Practitioners’ Perspective

    upcoming event
    October 10, 2018
    Fireside Chat and Cocktails with Eminent Leaders
    Unlock India’s Potential
    Salone Delle Fontane,Via Ciro il Grande10/12, Roma

    upcoming event
    October 17, 2018–October 19, 2018
    The New Engine of Growth in Asia Conference: Investment and Technology
    The Emergence and Growth of Fintech in Asia – Comparative study of regulations in key jurisdictions
    Korea University, Seoul, South Korea

    upcoming event
    October 24, 2018–October 25, 2018
    13th International Conference on Biologics and Biosimilars
    Radisson Hotel Nashua - Boston, USA

    upcoming event
    October 26, 2018–October 27, 2018
    MCIA 3rd Annual Conference
    Institutional Arbitration-Time has come!
    Delhi (Oberoi)

    upcoming event
    November 13, 2018–November 15, 2018
    9th World Gene Conference
    Similar biologics in India – legal and regulatory perspective

    upcoming event
    April 25, 2019–April 27, 2019
    IPBA 2019 Annual conference






    September 11, 2012
    Arbitration India Private Equity -

    June 14, 2012
    Legal Services West Coast Conference- Silicon Valley & India: Starting There, Staying There, and Succeeding Mergers & Acquisitions Vaibhav Parikh Silicon Valley

    June 14, 2012
    Legal Services West Coast Conference- Silicon Valley & India: Starting There, Staying There, and Succeeding Vaibhav Parikh,Siddharth Shah Silicon Valley

    June 10, 2012 –
    June 13, 2012
    ICCA Singapore 2012 Vivek Kathpalia,Vyapak Desai Singapore

    June 10, 2012 –
    June 13, 2012
    Emerging Fund Markets Panel - IBA Globalisation of Investment Fund, Boston 2012 Emerging Fund Markets Panel Siddharth Shah Boston

    June 09, 2012
    SIAC Board Meeting Nishith M. Desai Singapore

    June 08, 2012
    Amcham Legal Committee Meeting India – Growth interrupted? Nishith M. Desai,Vivek Kathpalia,Richie Sancheti,Mahesh Kumar Singapore

    June 08, 2012
    ArthVeda Fund Management NEW Alternate Investment Fund (AIF) Regulations - Implications for Ultra HNI Investors and their Advisors Siddharth Shah Mumbai

    March 01, 2012 –
    March 02, 2012
    IPBA conference 23rd Annual Meeting & Conference of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association - IPBA 2012 Nishith M. Desai New Delhi

    February 29, 2012 –
    March 02, 2012
    IPBA conference 22nd Annual Meeting & Conference of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association - IPBA 2012 Pratibha Jain,Arjun Rajgopal,Payel Chatterjee,Ruchir Sinha New Delhi

    February 09, 2012
    3rd Annual Clinical Trials Asia Summit 2012 Update yourself towards guidelines and regulations in the Indian clinical trial market. Dr.Milind Antani Mumbai

    January 31, 2012 –
    February 01, 2012
    STEM 2012 Conference Intellectual Property Issues-Managing Licensing Agreement Dr.Milind Antani Hyderabad

    November 03, 2011
    IBA Conference Dubai How to price and sell Alternative Fee Arrangements Nishith M. Desai Dubai

    November 02, 2011
    IBA Dubai Conference Overcoming barriers to sales into exciting markets: Iraq, the UAE, India and China Nishith M. Desai Dubai

    October 17, 2011 –
    October 18, 2011
    3rd Global Health Congress (GHC) 2011 M&A and strategic alliances in the biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare sector Vivek Kathpalia,Khushboo Baxi Bangkok

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