March 21, 2020


Dear Friend,

There’s no better impetus to sharpen our tools than a crisis! Our passion and discipline for learning and knowledge stays unabated, even as we together battle the vagaries of COVID – 19.

We recently announced two initiatives to take on these slower, homebound times. One, accelerating VirtualNDA. Thus, even in future, we may work 80% virtually and 20% on office premises – even as we boost client experience and community building.

We are particularly elated to tee off our second initiative: our Client Continuing Education Program, NDA cCep.

Collective learning and knowledge dissemination is at the heart of our firm’s culture. We now step up and extend our long-standing but until now ‘internal’ daily ‘Continuing Education’ program to our most important constituency – our client - and valuable external stakeholders who may benefit from our knowhow, insight and expertise.

Starting Monday, March 23rd, 2020, we launch NDAcCep, a series of virtual learning sessions that cover, deep-dive and demystify some of the most pertinent, crucial and complex topics. Each session, typically running for about 90 minutes, will take on a specific subject with relevant legal, strategic, tax and business issues. In the series, we will handle different topics spanning a slew of legal practice areas as well as industry focussed ones. Our best experts in every area are geared to share these lessons via webcasts, webinars, and other virtual means.

Moreover, our program lays special focus on how businesses may deal with the onslaught and aftermath of COVID – 19.

Elucidated below is our program for Day 1, Monday, March 23. We shall be subsequently sending you a weekly roster of the sessions, so you may choose all or some to register in to.

We will continue to evolve and modify our program in sync with your emerging needs. So, do freely suggest and share with us.

We welcome clients from all geographies and industries to tune in and rev up your learning curve.

Trust you will dive in and learn avidly!


Team NDA




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Monday, 23 March

15:00- 16:00


COVID 19: Force Majeure - Can Parties Renege From Their Contracts?

Vyapak Desai, Simone Reis,

Kshama Loya, Ashish Kabra


Monday, 23 March

18:00- 19:00


COVID 19: Finding Opportunities and Designing Structures for investing in India

Nishchal Joshipura, Kishore Joshi,

Prashant Prakhar


Monday, 23 March

21:00- 22:00


COVID 19: Impact on Tech Industry: Contract Performance, People and Security

Gowree Gokhale, Vaibhav Parikh,

Vikram Shroff



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